College football teams that produced the most future Super Bowl winners

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Every step that a football player takes on his path to becoming a star NFL player is crucial. His childhood years are paramount – no one can deny the importance of a kid starting small if he hopes one day to be big. His high school years are equally critical – in order to get recruited by college scouts he has to make himself visible on the highest competitive platform possible, and that’s high school football.


Finally, the last step a football player takes before he signs with an NFL team is his college years. This is perhaps the most important of all the steps if he truly wants to make it in the NFL, because no matter how good he was the first 18 years of his life, his college years are when he’ll learn some of his most valuable lessons yet.

There are a lot of outstanding American colleges. Some specialize in academics, some specialize in partying, and some specialize in other things. There are many things that colleges can be known well for, and one of them is football. Colleges have been playing football against each other for over a century, and the sport has become somewhat of a religion in many towns. In modern day American college culture, attending your college’s football games have turned into standard practice for any student who wants to be where the party’s at. Of course, some colleges have stronger football cultures than others.

This is where we get to crux of the matter at hand. The stronger the football culture is at a certain college, the better chance they have at attracting the big high school prospects of that year. In addition to the players themselves, colleges generally have a good football culture because of the professionalism of their coaching staff. But the point of this article is not to get distracted by only the colleges that have a strong history in winning. We want to discuss the colleges that influenced their players to become solid professionals in the NFL, and eventually win a Super Bowl.

Because you never know the kind of influence that players get from their college coaches. A player might go through struggles in college, leading us to think that they won’t be a future NFL star, only to prove us wrong five years later. Sometimes college success, or lack thereof, can be deceiving. The best college football programs are the ones that guide their players behind the scenes, giving them the future tools to thrive in the NFL, and ultimately win that Vince Lombardi trophy.

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