Celebs you had no idea used to be star athletes


Celebrities aren’t just talented in the roles we know them for. Singers, actors, and writers are all capable of doing more than one thing, and these stars were also star athletes in their youth. They found their way to the big time, but not how they first thought they would. These are the celebs you had no idea used to be star athletes.

Terry Crews – Football

You probably know him best as Terry in the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but before his acting days, he was obsessed with football. Crews is huge, so it probably won’t shock you too much to learn that he used to play football. He’s built like a linebacker, and he played football in college. Crews was so good he was drafted by the Rams when he graduated and later played a total of 32 games in the NFL.

Jason Statham – Diving

If you look at Jason Statham, you can imagine the only career he had before being an action star was as some kind of boxer or martial artist. Despite appearances, Statham was a part of the British diving team. He never made it to the Olympics, but he did dive for Britain in the 1990 Commonwealth Games. Statham began diving when he was a teenager and moved into modeling before getting bitten by the acting bug.

Tommy Lee Jones – Football

The Oscar-winning actor wasn’t always living it up on the sets of movies, and back in college, he played football. Jones didn’t just go to any old college either, he was a member of Harvard’s football team. The actor played as an offensive guard and was a part of the college’s unbeaten season in 1968. While at college, Jones also got into polo and helped found the Harvard Polo Club. Jones got his acting break in 1970 and left the sporting world behind after that.

Chris Pratt – Wrestling

Before has was guarding the galaxy as Peter Quill, and taming dinosaurs in Jurassic World, Chris Pratt was really into wrestling. Not pro wrestling, but real wrestling and he was an accomplished competitor during high school. The funnyman placed fifth overall in the state wrestling competition back in 1997 but soon found acting, and the rest is history. While we still know Chris Pratt as the father of dad bod, he was pretty rockin’ back in the day.

Kate Hudson – Soccer

When you grow up as the daughter of a musician and an actress it’s pretty likely you’ll find fame too. Kate Hudson followed in her parents’ footsteps but before becoming a famous actress she had a passion for sports in high school. The actress loved soccer as a kid and played through high school. Her family encouraged her to become active as a young girl and her brother grew up loving hockey, while her mom was a dancer and her dad played baseball.

These stars were all dreaming big of other careers before they found fame and fortune. The level of dedication they gave to their sports as young adults taught them to focus when trying to make it as stars.