Game day signs so funny they deserve a medal

Sports fans are a special group of people. Their love of the game unites them in a common understanding of the importance that their favorite team plays in their lives. But they are also some of the most ingenious, cleverest, craziest folks out there. So when they come together on gameday, things can get pretty interesting. True fans show up to games prepared, decked out in their team’s colors, complete with a jersey, facepaint, and frequently, a sign. These signs are a great way for fans to express themselves, and show everyone how witty and creative they really are. And sometimes, they’re just plain funny.

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Gameday signs can range from simple black words on a piece of cardboard, to glittery and eye-catching letters on colorful posterboards, to straight up works of art. But every now and then, a sign pops up at a game or sporting event that is so clever and comical, it makes everyone standing nearby chuckle. It catches the attention of the camera operators and shows up on the jumbotron so everyone can see. It also appears on television screens around the country so even those watching the game from home can have a good laugh.

For true fans, going to a game is one of the greatest experiences out there. There’s nothing quite like pulling on your favorite jersey, painting your face, and cheering in support of your team. No matter how cold it is, and no matter how slim the chance of victory, you show up – because that’s what fans do. There’s also the excitement of being there while history is being made, and of course – the ballpark snacks and the drinks help too.


And then there’s the joy of being surrounded by other fans who are just as crazy as you are. They share your love for your team, your intensity, and your sense of humor. Even if you were strangers before the game started, when you come together to cheer for your team, suddenly you are partners with a shared cause. These crazed fans make you smile with their ridiculous uniforms, their chants, and of course, those signs.

But even if you can’t make it to every game, you can still share in this joy. You can still watch the action, rooting for your team from home, and get a good look at the best dressed fans and at the most hilarious signs. The creativity that these fans exhibit can be appreciated from anywhere. So sports fans, keep on being who you are, keep on cheering for your team, keep on expressing yourselves, and keep those funny signs coming. We certainly appreciate them, and we’re sure the other fans at the game and those watching from home do too.

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