Game day signs so funny they deserve a medal

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When you’re a true sports fan, cheering on your team is not a responsibility you take lightly. You always come to the games prepared with your jersey, hat, face paint, and of course, a sign of support. These signs can be anything from simple black words on a piece of cardboard to elaborate works of art. But sometimes, a sign is so clever and witty that it stands out from the rest, and makes everyone standing nearby burst into laughter.


Everyone loves going to a game. Cheering on your favorite team from the stands is what it’s all about, and the excitement of being there when it all goes down is impossible to match. Of course the drinks and snacks help too – but one of the things that we love the most about gameday is being surrounded by other fans.

When you bring a whole bunch of fans together, things can get crazy. And sometimes, these fans are so witty and creative, that they just make you laugh. Even though you can’t always make it to the game, you can still enjoy the fans’ humor from home. Here are some of the funniest gameday signs out there that show just how hilarious sports fans truly are.

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Love conquers all

This really is an example of true love. If a couple’s love for each other can survive the Denver Broncos-Kansas City Chiefs rivalry, then it can survive anything. This married pair went to a Denver vs. Kansas City game, each cheering for a different team, each decked out in their team colors – the husband red for the Chiefs and the wife orange for the Broncos. And the fact that they’re married didn’t stop them from poking fun at each other, either. After all, when you’re an ardent Kansas City fan and you marry a Denver fan, it’s bound to get messy any time the teams play each other. But as their signs say, they married each other anyway.


Sometimes in life there are hard choices to make. This woman made such a choice, felt that it was the right one, and then made a sign to boast about it. Before the 2011 World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Texas Rangers, she and her boyfriend of four years were talking about the possibility of marriage. She really wanted a ring, but then her boyfriend offered her tickets to the World Series instead and she accepted – promising to never bring up marriage again. And she sure got a lot out of this decision. She got to see the very dramatic Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, and the picture of her sign went viral.

Proud parents

This Gonzaga student may have over-shared on his sign. While we give him points for being dedicated to his team (and certainly creative), those points don’t count towards his grade point average, which, if the sign is accurate, we’re not sure his parents will be happy about. Maybe his GPA is going down because he’s busy attending basketball games instead of studying, in which case we understand completely, but still don’t condone failing classes because of sports.

Good sportsmanship

Usually, signs at sporting events are strongly in support of one team or the other, often to the point of making fun of, or insulting the team you are rooting against. This fan, however, goes against the grain with his sign. He’s definitely not your typical ardent sign-writing sports fan with this huge sign reading: “I just hope both teams have fun.” Perhaps he has a point though, because, after all, isn’t having fun what sports are all about?

Hire this man

This James Madison University student had only one goal in mind when he made his sign for the game: get a job. We know, the job market is tough for a recent college grad, so why not give this unorthodox method a shot? It made us laugh and caught our attention, which seems to us to demonstrate pretty good marketing skills, so he’s halfway there. And with those impressive accomplishments, who could turn him down?

Blame the ref

Did they lose because of a bad call? At this college basketball game, where Dayton beat Stanford, these fans certainly thought so, and wanted to blame the referee for their team’s poor performance. Their very eye catching approach to letting the referees know how they felt deserves some points, but we don’t think it will help their team win. These poor guys went all out, and they don’t look too happy about the way the game is going. Well, there’s always next year!

Nontraditional proposal

This woman is a huge Aaron Rodgers fan – in fact, she seems pretty ready to do anything, including get rid of her current significant other, in order to marry him. She’s already claiming that she doesn’t know the guy she came to the game with (her boyfriend? Husband?) and her sparkly “Marry me Aaron” sign is definitely attracting a lot of attention. Sure, Aaron Rodgers might be quite a catch, but we don’t imagine her partner is loving this sign.

Sibling rivalry

Somehow, these two brothers grew up supporting two opposing teams, so when they play each other, things can get messy. On the right we have a Los Angeles Angels fan, who came especially to support Mike Trout, with whom he shares a number. On the left, we have a Detroit Tigers fan, who wants to disavow any connection with his brother. We are impressed that they can sit next to each other (relatively) peacefully at a game like this!

Ball Wars

Syracuse is known to be pretty intense when it comes to basketball. So when Syracuse Orange and the Duke Blue Devils come together, there’s bound to be some animosity in the stands. Students at both schools are known to be pretty smart and creative, and let’s face it, we know there are plenty of science fiction fans in the stands. Which brings us to this sign: Duke, I am your father. He definitely nailed it with his clever play on words and the Star Wars reference!

Go sports!

This fan doesn’t seem to know too much about what he’s cheering for – his generic sign could fit in at any match or game and still mean nothing. Perhaps he was dragged to the game with friends, or maybe he just had nothing better to do. We don’t know what team he’s rooting for, and on top of that, we don’t even know which sport he’s watching. We like his spirit though, and with a sign like that, at least he can’t lose.

The biggest loser

Here’s another case of the Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos rivalry. This Broncos fan really took the heat to the next level, using a very clever play on words to insult Kansas City. Her sign says that she set her DVR to record The Biggest Loser television show but it accidentally records Chiefs games – thus implying that the Chiefs are the true biggest losers. Ouch. Props to this fan – she’s not mincing words and it’s a very clever sign.

This one hurts

San Francisco Giants right fielder Hunter Pence is the player that other teams love to hate. They keep coming up with new ways to slander his name, and signs at games are one of the best ways to do this. This choice sign says that Hunter Pence can’t parallel park, and while we’re not sure if it’s true, it would be pretty shameful if it is. The trolling of Hunter Pence spread like wildfire over the internet but it’s all in good fun, of course, because his fans love him.

Ice, ice baby

Football fans know that when their team is playing somewhere like Seattle in the winter, they are going to be freezing cold. So they usually know how to prepare pretty well, bundling up until every inch of skin is covered in layers of warm clothing. But during this particular game, these Seahawks fans were so cold that they very literally couldn’t feel their face. These guys must true fans, because even though it was mind-numbingly cold, they still showed up, with a shout-out to the hit song by The Weeknd.

It’s a blank slate

Judging from her jersey, this woman is a fan who came out to support her team. But for one reason or another, even though she simply could not think of anything to write on her sign, she was determined to bring one anyway. It shouldn’t be too difficult to come up with a slogan to cheer on your team, and if all else fails, you can always just clap your hands. But she decided instead to go with a little humor, and this is what she ended up with.

Bothersome jerseys

Chicago White Sox pitcher Chris Sale ran into some problems in 2016 when he ruined some of the vintage jerseys the team was supposed to wear, and had to serve a five-day suspension. He said that the jerseys were uncomfortable, so he cut the collars. This fan offered Sale support with a sign reading, “You’re right Chris, these jerseys are uncomfortable,” while wearing a midriff baring shirt several sizes too small. Not exactly what anyone wants to see in the stands, but funny nonetheless.

Win win win

This fan was disappointed in the Toronto Maple Leafs’ failure to achieve a winning record, and did what he thought best: made a sign that cleverly insulted his own team. While the joke itself is quite ingenious, we have to admit that it’s a little bit sad to make fun of your own team. We understand that it can be hard to be a Leafs fan but we think he should save that kind of put-down for the opposing team.

Holding court

Football is important to this Louisiana State University student. So important, in fact, that he might be breaking the law in order to attend the game pictured here. We sure hope it was worth it and his team won, and we definitely hope that he didn’t get in too much trouble for missing his court date. We’re not sure that the excuse “I was at a big game” will hold up in court, so he better come up with something to tell the judge.

Boise… city?

This student at Boise State got tired of hearing that Boise isn’t really a state. So, just as an educated college student might think to do, he made a sign that openly acknowledged the taunts, and then went on to explain why they don’t make any sense. Of course Boise isn’t a state, but neither are a whole host of other schools with the word “state” in their name. We appreciate this student’s calm approach to this problem but don’t think it will put a stop to the taunts.


Every baseball fan wants to see their team hit a home run. This young fan came up with a creative way to bribe the Texas Rangers to do just that. His sign says that if they hit his brother, he’ll give them his piggy bank. His parents look utterly unconcerned that he wants his own brother to get hit by a baseball, and his brother doesn’t look too worried, either. We’re not sure how much money is in his piggy bank, but the question remains – is it worth it?

This sign makes us hungry

When Russia and Canada get together to play hockey, there are always some jabs that take things off the ice. This sign, for example, held by a Canadian fan, is comparing Poutine, Canada’s signature dish of French fries, gravy, and cheese curds, to Russia’s president. And according to the fan, there really isn’t much of a competition here. Comparing Russia’s leader to a dish from the Canadian cuisine is perhaps not the most elegant way to cheer on your team, but it does make for a funny sign.