The wonderful wives and girlfriends of pro athletes

Although we don’t like to encourage stereotypes, we feel compelled to inform you that this story is dripping in them. We can’t escape it… some ladies just love athletes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Although before we really delve into it, we do feel the need to leave a disclaimer that know this isn’t always the case. If we really are going to dive into the argument of brains vs. brawn, let’s be real: brains are just as big of a powerhouse as far as attracting women. If you don’t believe us, go ask Mark Zuckerberg. But let’s move on, because now that we have that out of the way, we can get to the more pressing matters at hand: the professional athletes of the world, and their impressive ability to land some truly wonderful wives.

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Perhaps it’s the way they look where they’re playing on some of the biggests stages on earth. Or perhaps it’s the fact that they’re more financial stable (and that’s an understatement). Or perhaps it’s just the simple fact that their success has allowed them to be famous celebrities, and therefore they’ve simply had more opportunities to meet some of these girls. Maybe it’s all of those things put together – who knows? Every woman is different, and they certainly have their different tastes when it comes to men. But for the rest of us watching from the distance, it certainly makes us wonder if we should’ve practiced that jumpshot a little bit more.


The types of women that athletes attract can extend far and wide. And many of them are names that you’ve likely heard of before. And here’s where it gets really interesting. Normally, if we’re talking about a “jock” type attracting a girl, it’s usually the jock that’s the most popular guy in this school. But for some of these celebrity females that married professional athletes, it’s actually the woman that was more famous. For instance, Mike Fisher is pretty known around hockey circles, but let’s be real. His wife of eight years, country star Carrie Underwood, is a lot more well known. Speaking of hockey players… there seem to be a lot of hockey players that managed to land themselves celebrity females that you all know – Underwood is just one of them.

But as we already stated, just because we’re making a point to discuss athletes that have managed to either date, or all out marry some of the world’s highly sought out women, it doesn’t mean they managed to do it because they’re athletes. Hey, you never know, maybe they actually have good personalities – because like, why wouldn’t they? That being said, some of these relationships didn’t always pan out for the best, so perhaps it was just the “honeymoon phase” that kept these lovebirds going at first. Nevertheless, whether they stayed together or not, it’s still nice to appreciate these relationships from afar. Just make sure you don’t get too jealous…

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