An inside look at the home of Brett Favre

Ah, football. The sport that has many of us shouting at the TV set as we’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see the next touchdown. Sure, it might be a game of throwing around a leather ball, but the sport is about so much more. One of the many names to emerge from football over the years is Brett Favre. Although it’s been eight years since we saw Brett on the field, many still wonder what he’s spent his money on after all these years.

The man behind the helmet

There have been many great football players over the years, but few have been able to achieve a career quite like Brett Favre’s. The former quarterback player rose to fame throughout his college football years.

However, it was getting a place as part of the Green Bay Packers team that was about to change the way of his career. Bret was able to set a huge number of records before retiring and getting inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame back in 2016.

Close to the field

Back in 2007, Brett was still playing for the Packers meaning this football star needed to be close to his home team. Perhaps that’s why he bought this Wisconsin home that was just two miles from Lambeau Field?

At least now Brett could be at the games whenever he was needed, as well as being able to make all those essential training sessions throughout the season. It looked as though Brett was about to settle into a homelife like no one else in the world.

Keeping things open

Having eleven players on the field meant that Brett had a lot of time to get close to the other people on the team. It looks as though all those extra faces means Brett needed plenty of room to invite them all over whenever they needed a meeting away from the field.

Although the football star kept the walls light with duck egg blue, Brett opted for some comfy looking couches to welcome in the team. Plus, it seems as though there is plenty of room for guests to get a private conversation.

A look outdoors

As if having the open seating plan wasn’t enough for Brett, it looked as though he wanted a place to look out over the backyard, too. After all, all that time on the field must have left this star itching to get back outdoors every now and then.

If Brett wanted somewhere more chilled to go, he could easily sneak to this cozier seating area. To top it off, the football player could even play a tune or two on the piano if he was feeling in a musical mood.

Heart of the home

Maybe there is a reason the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the home? This is where a whole host of home cooked meals get served every day.

It looks as though the Favres wanted to keep things simple with their kitchen design as a place they could feed their two children every morning before Brett needed to head off to practice. If the breakfast bar didn’t take their fancy, then the family could enjoy a seat at the roundtable instead.

Making things formal

Just at the entrance of the house was one of the many hidden rooms in this property. However, Brett seemed determined to make his dining room stand out from the rest of the home thanks to the bright orange walls.

Team them with a simple dark wood table, and it looks as though the family is good to go for any dinner party. Plus, guests could even enjoy a view over the front yard while tucking into a specially prepared meal.

A hidden gem

Many of us have that place in our home where we can go whenever we need some time away from the rest of our lives. Whether it’s our bedrooms, a reading corner, or soaking away in the tub – these spots can often be special to many of us.

It looks as though we might have stumbled upon Brett’s, as this nook seems to have been fully kitted out with leather couches and armchairs to give the room a cozy feel, while the memorabilia and memories on the shelves add a story to it all.

The little touches

It’s not just the leather couches that would be enough to pull many of us to this room; the fluffy red cushions add those finishing touches to the space as it becomes more and more homely with every step.

That’s not all. Brett also got the joy of coming home to relax by a quaint yet tasteful fireplace after a long day on the field. Sometimes, it can be tough to resist the pull of the warmth of the flames after a cold day out in the crisp winter air.

A lighter touch

It looks as though Brett wasn’t just about the more old-fashioned style as he decorated his home. The house had no less than four bedrooms meaning there was plenty of room for any guests that wanted to spend the night.

Here, it looks as though one of the spaces has been transformed into a quiet area for Brett’s youngest daughter, Breleigh, who was born in 1999. Those storage tidies and plush pillows almost look too inviting to resist.

The main event

Although there were four bedrooms throughout the property, Brett got the joy of spending his time in the master bedroom. The room was large enough for even the most impressive of four-poster beds.

We can already see the temptation of falling into all those pillows after a long day of dominating the football field. That’s not all. The large windows at the end of the room not only offer a heap of sunlight, but they also give some spectacular views to the outside.

Soaking away

Of course, no master bedroom would be complete without a master bathroom by the side. Although we might think we only need a small space to keep happy, it’s tough to deny the pull of this room.

The spacious floor, all those drawers to store plenty of hauls from Lush, and even a little table to keep all our soaps and sprays close at hand – it almost seems too good to be true in this fairytale bathroom. If only we could all have a space like this to unwind at the end of the day…

Getting things clean

While many of us would be grateful for a life without laundry, sometimes it’s the chore that we just can’t ignore.

It looks as though Brett would have had plenty to do throughout his time on the football field – especially judging by how much this player used to like to get involved! All of that hard work and running must have built up quite the sweat. At least Brett was able to return home and throw his jerseys into the laundry in his very own laundry room.

Hidden rooms

The basement is the place that many of us can go to unwind after a long day out of the house. Plus, it can be easy to lose hours of the day as the lack of natural sunlight means we can soon see minutes turn into hours.

Although many of us might be tempted to fill the room with all sorts of electronics and gaming devices, Brett opted for a much more low-key basement that housed a few bookcases and some armchairs to sit and read. Perfect.

Room to grow

One of the biggest selling points of many homes is the backyard. This is where families get to enjoy spending time with their little ones, people can throw massive outdoor parties, and many of us can enjoy soaking up the sunshine.

Brett got to spend years enjoying a manicured yard that came complete with plenty of shrubberies to add that extra level of detail to the space. As if that wasn’t enough, Brett even had a flowerbed and tree in the middle of the yard to break up the grass.

Nice and natural

It’s not enough to have a yard that is filled with nature and all the beauty that comes with the outdoors; Brett also got the joy of a vast outdoor patio to soak up any of the afternoon sunshine.

However, he wasn’t left too far from nature thanks to the addition of the table in the middle of it all. The simple stone piece teamed with an array of plant pots was enough to add the perfect amount of color to this hidden outdoor space no matter the weather.

Small but mighty

It seems as though Brett was used to a small yard for many years while he was playing for the Green Bay Packers. However, the football field gave this sports star the chance he needed to stretch his legs and run.

Sadly, Brett put this house up for sale back in 2007, and it wasn’t long before it was bought by another couple. The property was initially up for $325,000 after Brett lived there for many years, but imagine all the memories that lay inside those walls?

Upgrading his digs

Nowadays, Brett gets to enjoy spending his days of retirement in the comfort of his home found in the town of Sumrall, Mississippi.

It might be a change from the house he is previously used to, but it looks as though this football star has upgraded and put his money to good use by purchasing one of the largest mansions in the area. Although Brett is used to a life of traveling thanks to his time in the Green Bay Packers, this seems to be a home he is willing to kick back and relax.

Keeping out strangers

Like many celebrities, Brett has ensured that his new home is protected by large gates to keep out the unwanted attention.

His former house was once open to the street where it seemed as though almost anyone could walk past and look through the window. However, Brett now gets to enjoy a much quieter life thanks to his gates and long, sweeping driveway. As if that wasn’t enough, the gates are also topped with an ‘F’ to stand for Favre.

Larger than life

It looks as though this football star’s new home is larger than life, and the entrance is just the beginning of it all. After all, why have such an impressive mansion if you don’t have the entrance way to match?

Brett has a huge arch to surround his front door, but that’s not all. He has also opted for a home that is surrounded by greenery and flowers to make it feel as welcoming as possible. It is the perfect homely touch to his new house.

No nosey neighbors

It’s not just the front of the property that is impressive; the football legend also has a backyard that will take most people’s breath away.

The large veranda looks over the water where the children and grandchildren can enjoy spending time looking over the large lake surrounding their home. There is also plenty of room for the family dogs to chase a ball or two. Brett and his family now have no worries of nosey neighbors thanks to the serenity of the area.

Time to swim

It seems as if being surrounded by water was a huge part of buying this home for Brett.

The football star has also treated himself and his family to a large pool and hot tub where they can kick back and relax in the height of the Mississippi heat, or take in a more relaxed evening. Brett has always been active thanks to his years on the football field. His life as a retired player is no different. Now, Brett can trade the ball for the pool instead.